As the Handmade Meaning exhibition comes to a close this weekend, I would like to highlight my experience working with Sharon Leurning, the owner of Stitcher’s Crossing.  Special thanks to her for all of her advice and promotion of the Community Embroidery Project.  Sharon was instrumental in the planning of the exhibition – her extensive experience with the needs of stitchers and quilters was crucial for determining the materials, supplies, and timeline of the project.

Sharon has fostered the opportunity for crafters of all skill levels and material needs to have a well-informed and easily accessible community.  I have spoken with several people who frequent the store and every person begins with something like this:

“Do you know Sharon?!  Isn’t she great?” then, “their selection of fabrics are my favorite,” or “I really love shopping at that store.”

Stitcher’s Crossing is located on Mineral Point Road just east of the West Towne Mall.  Click here to view the location on a map.

A second business I would like to thank for their participation in this project is Sublime Stitching.  The illustrations of the stitches included on the instruction sheet of the HM kit are by Jenny Hart.  Jenny is the founder of Sublime Stitching located in Austin, Texas.  Launched in 2001, the aim of the business has been to rejuvenate the craft of embroidery.  It is a privilege to be given permission to use the illustrations from this company, as the company provides invaluable resources and inspires younger generations to stitch.

Lastly, working on this project has been very exciting.  My sincerest thanks to all who have picked up a kit and stitched a square (or two!)  If you have not submitted your completed square to the Watrous Gallery or Stitcher’s Crossing, please do so as soon as possible.  We have extended the deadline by a week for participants.  Assembly of the quilt is scheduled and our volunteers are in place, we just need as many completed squares as possible.

Thanks, again, Andrea