As the opening of the exhibition approaches, I am finalizing the Community Embroidery Project kits.  You can view the custom designs for the project below.

Click on the image to access a larger version to use as a template for the project

Tonight I visited with the Madison Area Chapter of the Embroidery Guild of America (EGA)
(you can visit their website here ) to help promote the project.  The guild has graciously offered their help to anyone needing assistance on their HM square.  Stitchers are invited to their January meetings if in need of assistance.  More information about when & where will be provided in the project kits.

The members at the meeting were excited to hear about the exhibition and the project, because of their combination of historical and contemporary crafts. It is really exciting to see people of all ages, skill levels, & taste in crafting styles willing to get involved with this project.  Hopefully the excitement will result in many embroidered squares!

Another guest of Madison’s EGA was Kim Caisse.  Kim was representing a group of people who are currently working on a community fibers project that will be on display during the Handmade Meaning Exhibit.  The project is called Our Tiny Friends & Foes and will be showcased on the lower level of the Overture Center for the Arts’ Playhouse Gallery.  For more information about this community project, visit their Facebook page here and Overture Gallery’s info page here.

As we count down the the opening of the exhibition & kick of the this community project I will continue to post information about the process of coordinating this project, the people, organizations, and businesses who are getting involved, as well as example squares that are completed by some of the organizers of the exhibition.